Archives: Illinois Board of Higher Education
May 17th 2012

Topic : Adobe Captivate

Description :

Adobe Captivate is an eLearning authoring tool for creating interactive content. This presentation will show how to create an accessible presentation by incorporating universal design techniques, describing the content and images, and adding closed captioning. It will also demonstrate how to make interactive presentations more accessible by incorporating the built-in accessibility features provided by Adobe Captivate. In addition, we will demonstrate how to convert an Adobe Captivate presentation to HTML 5.

April 19th 2012

Topic : SoftChalkLessonbuilder

Description :

Looking for ways to empower and engage your students. SoftChalkLessonBuilder enables you to build accessiblee-learning instruction with interactive activities, which can provide the immediate and meaningful feedback your students need to keep them engaged in your course. This presentation will demonstrate features of SoftChalkLessonBuilder that incorporate concepts of universal design and accessibility.Other topics to be discussed will include content delivery, it's integration with learning management systems,portability, and other benefits of this software application

March 15th 2012

Topic : PDF Accessibility

Description :

Generally, PDF files are not created with accessibility in mind. There are several methods to check a PDF file for accessibility as well as make changes to the PDF to meet accessibility guidelines. This session will show you some “Quick Checks” you can perform on a PDF file to see if it is accessible. Session will also talk about some of the ways PDF files are created and how that makes a difference in accessibility

February 16th 2012

Topic : MathML

Description :

This presentation will walk you through the steps for implementing accessible Math on the Web. We will discuss how to train the subject matter expert (SME) using Microsoft Word, how instructional designers will do the "conversion" process using MathType, and how to add this code to web pages. Information about technology options and how to configure them will be presented as well as the impact and benefits for those users with disabilities.

We will talk in detail about MathML, MathType, and MathJax technologies. This will also include a demonstration of the experience that a visually impaired student will have when using MathML in conjunction with MathPlayer and JAWS.We hope to provide an informative session that will give you the steps and technologies needed to implement accessible math on the web and using virtually any device that supports HTML.

January 19th 2012

Topic : Microsoft Office 2010 Accessibility

Description :

Save time and prepare a more quality document as you learn some "how to's" and what to avoid in Word 2010. Word Best Practices helps to utilize the software efficiently and maximize the output of documents whether in a native format or converted to other formats such a .

December 15th 2011

Topic : LecShare Pro

Description :

This presentation will explain how you can deliver your instructional content with confidence using LecShare Pro. LecShare Pro is unique in that it allows a user to export a presentation in multiple formats, while providing a built-in check for accessibility issues. The presenter will also demonstrate how the application applies concepts of universal design. By providing your content in multiple formats, students can choose the format that fits best with their particular learning style, mobile or portability needs.

November 17th 2011

Topic : Introduction to the Illinois Information Technology Accessibility Act (IITAA)

Description :

The Illinois Information Technology Accessibility Act (IITAA) was enacted in the State of Illinois in 2007 and makes it the policy of the State of Illinois that information technology developed, purchased, or provided by the State is accessible to individuals with disabilities. For Web developers developing sites for State entities, there are specific guidelines that need to be followed. This presentation will provide an overview of the IITAA Web Accessibility Guidelines and the techniques and tools to implement these guidelines. The last part of the presentation will look to the future of the IITAA and its Web accessibility guidelines.

October 20th 2011

Topic : Introduction to Universal Design for Education

Description :

The process of Universal Design for Education takes into consideration a wide range of learners from diverse backgrounds with multiple learning styles and needs. Participants will be provided a brief overview of the topic, examples of UDE, as well as tools and methods for implementing UDE in their course materials.