Archives: Understanding The Obligations Of Lodging Facilities To Meet The Needs Of Customers With Disabilities
March 21st 2012

Topic : Series Wrap-up - Last Chance to Ask Your Questions

Description :Didn't get your questions answered during the previous 5 sessions? Thought of a question after the session and wish you'd had a chance to ask it? Join representatives from the US Department of Justice for this final session of the series for an interactive program designed to answer your questions and clarify any information presented during this series. The entire session will be devoted to responding to questions from participants.
March 14th 2012

Topic : Communicating with Customers with Disabilities - Understanding Your Obligations!

Description :Communication is key to customer service. The forms of communication will differ among different types of disabilities and staff need to be prepared in order to serve customers needs. This session will review the requirements for properties to provide visual fire alarms, TTY access, assistive listening systems and other accommodations for guests who are Deaf or hard of hearing.
March 7th 2012

Topic : Serving Customers with Disabilities - Equal Access for Everyone!

Description :This session will focus on the most common issues associated with ensuring equal access for customers with disabilities including modifications of policy and procedure that may be necessary to meet the needs of customers with disabilities (i.e. modifying "no pet policies" to allow service animals, accommodating the use of various types of mobility devices, providing refrigeration for medications or other requests).
February 29th 2012

Topic : Managing Reservations for Accessible Rooms

Description :This session will cover the changes contained within the revised regulations under Title III of the ADA issued September 15, 2010 with a compliance date of March 15, 2012 require lodging facilities to ensure that individuals reserving an accessible sleeping room have sufficient information about the accessible features of that room and the facility to make a decision during the reservation process. Changes impact the information made available to customers, the manner in which accessible rooms are reserved and the obligations for ensuring that lodging entities make accessible rooms available through their agreements with 3rd party vendors (i.e. Expedia, Orbitz, Travelocity, etc.). Join this session to learn more about these obligations and get clarification of any questions or concerns you may have.
February 22nd 2012

Topic : Impact of the 2010 ADA Standards on the Design and Construction of Lodging Facilities Part II

Description :The second part of this program will focus on the 2010 ADA Standards with specific emphasis on swimming pools, spas, exercise facilities and any additional recreation areas provided by lodging facilities are impacted and the obligations to address the accessibility of existing facilities.
February 15th 2012

Topic : Impact of the 2010 ADA Standards on the Design and Construction of Lodging Facilities Part I

Description :This session is the first of a 2 part session that will provide an overview of how changes in the accessibility requirements under the 2010 ADA Standards will impact lodging facilities. Discussion will include obligations for on-going barrier removal and review the safe harbor provisions.
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