2010 ADA Regulations and the Arts: Focus on Ticketing
November 16th 2011

Topic : Series Wrap-up - Last Chance to Ask Your Questions

Description :Didn't get your questions answered during the previous 5 sessions? Thought of a question after the session and wish you'd had a chance to ask it? Join us for this final session of the series for an interactive program designed to answer your questions and clarify any information presented during this series. The entire session will be devoted to responding to questions from participants.
November 9th 2011

Topic : Focus on Ticketing (Part 4): Ticket Transfers and the Secondary Market

Description :A patron using a wheelchair arrives at the theater with a ticket for an inaccessible location. A little bit of research reveals that he didn't buy the ticket from you - he bought it on the secondary market. What are your obligations? The final webinar in this series will examine situations just like that. Learn what the 2010 Regulations stipulate regarding accessible seating, ticket transfers, and the secondary market.
November 2nd 2011

Topic : Focus on Ticketing (Part 3): Releasing Wheelchair Locations

Description :There are now only three conditions under which accessible locations can be released for general sale. Get the tools you need to develop a sound policy by learning what those conditions are and how they should be applied in your venue.
October 26th 2011

Topic : Focus on Ticketing (Part 2): Pricing and Purchasing Multiple Tickets

Description :Do you find yourself pondering some of these questions?
  • What should you do if you have multiple prices in one section of the theater but the accessible locations are only in one area
  • What is a companion seat and how many can one person buy?
  • The patron on the phone is bringing a group of 6 and one person needs an accessible seat. Should you sell all six in the accessible seating section? What happens if there are no companion seats left?
If yes, sign up for Part 2 of Focus on Ticketing! In this session, we'll take an in-depth look at pricing accessible seating, the definition of companion seats, and handling the sale of multiple tickets.
October 19th 2011

Topic : Focus on Ticketing (Part 1): What is Accessible Seating, How Should Accessible Seats be Sold and Who Can Buy Them?

Description :This webinar is the first in the series that specifically focuses on how the 2010 Regulations impact ticketing. We'll start by answering a few questions:
  • What is accessible seating? Defining the features of your accessible seating and educating staff are key steps to being in compliance.
  • How are accessible seats sold? The regulations make it clear that accessible seating must be available for sale through the same means, modes and at the same times as all other seats. That means that your accessible seating must be available online!
  • Who can purchase accessible seating and what can I do to prevent fraud? The presenter will give specific examples to illustrate who is eligible to purchase accessible seating. Learn the questions and tools that your staff can ask in order to ensure that patrons are accommodated in the seats that they need.
October 12th 2011

Topic : An Overview of the 2010 Regulations

Description :The webinar series opens with an overview of the six major changes in the 2010 Regulations and how they impact arts organizations. If you're new or just need a refresher on the scope of the Regulations, this is the place to start! Topics include:
  • Service Animals
  • Mobility Devices
  • Ticketing
  • The 2010 Standards for Accessible Design
  • Safe Harbor
  • Reduction of Elements
The 2010 ADA Regulations and Online Ticketing
February 25th 2011

Topic : The 2010 ADA Regulations and Online Ticketing

Description :

On March 15, 2011 the U.S. Department of Justice's 2010 Revised Regulations on the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) become enforceable. These regulations notably include provisions regarding the sale of accessible tickets, including providing people with disabilities with the opportunity to purchase tickets using the same methods available to patrons without disabilities. While you may have policies in place and staff trained to sell tickets over the phone and in person at the Box Office, are you ready to sell accessible seats on the Internet?

Selling accessible tickets online impacts everything from your ticketing policies to your website. This FREE webinar will review the ticketing regulations with a particular emphasis on online sales, including a look at the process and accessibility features that should be built-in from the start. There will be plenty of time for Q&A so come prepared with your questions!